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The mindset of Berkem Group's staff is a precious resource to go forward

Claude Genty

genty miniThe employees' mindset is an unbelivable source of energy. The desire for perfection, enthusiasm and pride of being part of Berkem Group are the motors that drive many projects.

For example, to have a good position on our markets, we have a duty to innovate both in terms of products, but also in terms of services. We therefore develop an increasing number of information and communication systems that allow us to bring effective and modular solutions to the issues experienced by our markets.

We have a duty to make all these technological changes available to our markets. This requires that all our staff be available, mobilised and ready for change, in order to understand them, appropriate them and promote them.
I was lucky enough,  as the Director of the Formulation Department, to find all of these qualities in each department I work with every day.