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Testimonial T&G Distribution

Our work model and methods improve with every new business

Danny Gorissen, Directeur T&G Distribution

gorissen miniT&G Distribution was built around the company in Tongres, already in existence, which served as a model for new businesses. It had been tried and tested by years of experience and served as the common foundation for all distribution agencies. Resolutely customer-focused, it works on a targeted high-quality offer, locally adapted to market requirements, bolstered by strong departments and solid expertise in its field. The objectives, tracking processes, roles and missions of each person are clearly defined.
These guidelines also help build the shared best practices and values for the company, despite its geographical isolation. This mutual foundation is supplemented by the specific characteristics of each location. The palette of characteristics is broad: professional practices, cultural differences, contracts with suppliers limited to geographic areas... To understand them, factual analyses are carried out and used to confirm the relevance of a new business presence. Every day we learn and improve our working methods and
our knowledge thanks to our common practices throughout our agencies. This diversity is a genuine advantage for our organisation.