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Testimonial History

Formulation to distribution through extraction, the founding stages of Berkem Group

Lucienne Saunier

saunier miniI often imagine the Berkem Group like a polymorphous entity, bubbling away with the ability to renew and reinvent itself incessantly. The international dimension our activities have taken with the creation of agencies in Europe and the United States and the joint-venture in Asia have given our operations direct access to more dynamic and attractive markets.

At the same time, the Berkem Group has reinforced its solid, sustainable and reliable foundations which give it stability without hindering its development. I joined the company in 1973 and have never left. My career here is full of encounters and stories. The developments in the quality system, the group's organisation, the redeployment of the industrial site for the "Formulation" activity, external growth operations and new businesses complement our initial expertise and promise a positive outcome for future development.