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Berkem Extraction: plant-based products for cosmetics

Market Focus

In 2014, the cosmetics industry continued its growth dynamics. This market driven and stimulated by innovation, where effectiveness and quality reign, has had to deal with increasingly demanding customers. 
Among these growth drivers, natural cosmetics continue to appeal and demand is continuously rising. At the heart of these "green  cosmetics", a genuine taste for plant ingredients has developed. This is why at Berkem we are using our plant extraction and active ingredient development expertise to satisfy this demand.
Furthermore, aware of the environmental concerns today in the industrial world, we are developing a corporate responsibility project thanks to the development of green extraction procedures that respect the environment. 


Our two ranges of products are objectivised active ingredients from plants for beauty care products, particularly for skincare:

Objectivised plant extracts
logo polynektars mini 150A range composed of 4 active ingredients:
- Fresh’ka®: strawberry leaf extract which improves the brightness of the complexion
- Ko’zen®: quince leaf extract with soothing properties
- Myrti’lla®: bilberry leaf extract; its properties prevent redness of the skin
- Origa’light®: oregano leaf extract which has lightening properties

logo berkemyol mini 150- Stabilised and objectivised plant polyphenols
Line composed of several active ingredients which are extracts from:
potentilla, maritime pine, cocoa, green tea...
- Highly purified active ingredients, rich in stabilised polyphenols (>95%) and created using patented stabilisation technology: Phytovector® technology.
- Active ingredients that help fight skin ageing thanks to their antioxidant and anti-aging properties.


Strategy - Orientation


Extending the Berkemyol® and Polynektars® ranges through the development of new active ingredients. 
Genomic screening of extracts to develop tomorrow's active ingredients and find innovative biological targets.
Production of benchmark formulas for cosmetics and formulation concepts. 
Close collaboration with major French cosmetic brands for the development of bespoke extracts.


Opening of the Berkem Inc. subsidiary in the United States in Newark (New Jersey) to facilitate penetration of the American cosmetics market.
The distribution network continues to develop with new distributors in Spain and Italy joining our existing resources (Germany and Scandinavia, Korea, China, Great Britain, Benelux, Japan and Latin America).
Professional trade fairs: Cosmetagora in Paris, Incosmetics in Hamburg (Germany), Suppliers' Day in Edison (USA, NJ) and Beyond Beauty in Paris.
Commercial contact made with major names in cosmetics. 


April 2014: renewal of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications. 

Highlights of the year

• Opening of the Berkem Inc. subsidiary 
• Launch of a new active ingredient in the Polynektars range: Ko'zen.
• Strengthening the distribution network (Spain and Italy)
• Ko'zen was promoted at two conferences at CosmeticDays and Beyond beauty. A poster was also presented at the IFSCC Congress in Paris.

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