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TERMIFILM was presented at the Architect' 15 exhibition in Bangkok, 28 April to 3 May 2015. The Berkem Development South East Asia joint venture held a stand dedicated to the promotion of preventive, before construction, termite protection.
Indeed, the local Berkem Development South East Asia team, together with the Export Sales Manager of S&C Construction, welcomed many visitors, among whom a vast majority of specifiers of the Thai construction market. All have expressed interest in the application of the TERMIFILM anti-termite barrier: an effective alternative, with high environmental added value, to liquid spraying onto the ground, a practice still common in some countries.
The technical TERMFILM device, a physical-chemical system, is the efficient and sustainable solution to counter the invasion of buildings by termites. It is compatible with all construction systems.
Today, Termifilm is marketed in geographical areas affected by termite infestations. Either in a tropical, subtropical or oceanic climate, this represents a broad band stretching from East to West, from Southern Canada to the South of Australia.