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The AXIL Préventif range makes wood materials last longer

Market Focus

Within a highly regulated environment and with a market share for wood construction materials that is stagnating between 6 and 8% in France, the market for wood preservation products is becoming more concentrated.
Today, sufficient structure is required and commitment to regulatory approaches associated with Biocides Regulations and REACh Regulations, in close collaboration with R&D to retain these markets.
Preservation product ranges are designed for wood processing industries which produce wood or wood derivative materials used for construction or interior fittings (for carpenters, saw millers, joinery makers, panel manufacturers, etc.). 


AXIL solutions are available in different forms: liquid preparations mainly water-based (micro-emulsions), gels and also powders.

The AXIL range from Sarpap & Cecil Industries gives wood:
- new performances through treatments that improve resistance to organic agents (insects with wood-boring larvae and termites, fungi, etc.) or modify flammability;
- new properties against damage caused by weather or wear and tear, either by a film or by impregnation.
These protections can be coloured.

The products are applied on the surface or are impregnated using industrial procedures: spraying, soaking, aspersion, vacuum/pressure (in an autoclave).

Strategy - Orientation


Research for formulae that offer the best "product efficiency versus active substance dose" is permanent.
This begins with a choice of active materials, surface-active ingredients and co-formulants that are better targeted for their scope of use.
Consequently, there is a drop in the quantity of biocides present in formulae (50% reduction in 10 years) whilst efficiency is at least equivalent.

Other directions are being developed concerning the diversification of forms and uses of wood, specific industrial processes, as well as adding new properties to combine with wood to provide operational and effective solutions to the markets. 


The AXIL range is broadening thanks to an innovation strategy. New properties to be administered to wood materials and new formulae are being developed to offer a permanently more effective material that competes with more commonly used building materials.
Furthermore, to support the launch of these innovations on its markets, Sarpap & Cecil Industries has reinforced its technical department incorporating new resources, human and material (in particular a pilot autoclave).

Quality - Production

All these production processes, from product design to their placing on the market, are managed via Quality procedures (ISO 9001). 

Highlights of the year

• Launch of SARPECO 8, a wood treatment product up to class 3.2, for autoclave use. Its organic formula respects the wood's natural tones. The pieces of treated wood, in particular those for outdoor use, retain their original colour or can be painted in a wide range of colours, extending the offer of finished wood products for our customers.
• Thanks to their excellent stability in terms of pressure and shaking constraints for complex equipment and tools (flowcoat nozzles, spray circulation, etc.), the formulas in the AXIL range are the most compatible products for wood paint spray booths. This has enabled us to win some important projects on our markets.
• Successful participation at the Carrefour International du Bois in Nantes, a trade fair for wood industry professionals. Nearly 170 visitors of different nationalities visited the Sarpap & Cecil Industries booth, in particular to see the new grey cladding, class 3.2 treated with SARPECO 8. 
• Launch of the "" blog,managed by Sarpap & Cecil Industries employees. It provides high quality web content about wood, its manufacture and use in construction.