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Adkalis, our mission is to support the use of wood

Adkalis designs, develops and produces formulas to improve wood's performances against exterior aggression (organic issues, weather, etc.).

The company provides the wood transformation industry preservation solutions which increase the durability of non-sustainable wood species. It also supplies innovative solutions for providing wood with new properties (fireproofing, UV-resistance, etc.)

Adkalis' everyday pledge is: Be mindful of the well-being of our consumers and of the environmental impact of our solutions.
This requires:

  • Responsible formulations
    • Careful selection of raw materials, ratios, technologies
    • Awareness of how our products are used by professionals and of their regulatory and standardised framework
  • Traceability and performance tracking from solution design to application - technical support (including training) and quality control
  • Recommendation actions with decision-makers in the construction industry, to promote the use of correctly preserved wood. 

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