The Groupe Berkem occupies a privileged position as an accelerator of virtuous change. As an innovative player in the biocides sector (more than 55 years of experience for ADKALIS) and a specialist in advanced plant chemistry (BERKEM plant extraction), Groupe Berkem is now positioned to support the transition of traditional players in the biocides ecosystem (manufacturers, formulators, applicators in the construction, rural and public hygiene sectors, among others) by providing them with the opportunity to work together on solutions based on its plant-based active ingredients in order to reduce the volumes and dosages of synthetic substances.

BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS is a department within Groupe Berkem dedicated to the development of innovative plant-based solutions


Groupe Berkem has a strong presence in most biocidal products thanks to the industrial activities of its subsidiaries. Today, the biocides market is largely dominated by conventional chemical products. Our objective is to propose solutions derived from our know-how in plant extraction and formulation to support the players in the biocides market in their transition from conventional to bio-based products. Eventually, we wish to be able to offer 100% plant-based solutions. The main sectors targeted are:  public and professional hygiene, agriculture, materials of construction, textile…


L'offre Berkem Biosolutions