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Plant extraction is a physico-chemical process aimed to extracting compounds of interest present in plants through a solid/liquid separation operation: the plant is put in contact with a fluid, the solvent. The compounds of interest are solubilised and contained in the solvent. The resulting solution is the liquid extract. Around 2,000 tonnes of plants are processed each year thanks to the internal organisation of the work, the new processes put in place, the productive investments made and an efficient production team. In-depth knowledge of the plant world and continuous improvement of the production processes make it possible to regularly develop new active ingredient.

BERKEM has developed a unique expertise in a wide range of plant extracts guaranteeing high purity levels that exceed the usual standards

BERKEM’s offering in cosmetics

Active ingredients

The active ingredients developed are plant extracts from controlled sourcing. Bark, leaves, fruits and roots make it possible to offer a wide range of innovative active ingredients. Scientifically supported by objectivation tests, their effectiveness is proven and makes it possible to enrich the formulations of cosmetic products. Some products are also offered stabilised.

Botanical extracts

The production process consists of plant extraction, using only solvents, carried out at 40°C for 2 hours with agitation. Easy to formulate, the botanical extract is compatible with all cosmetic formulations in the aqueous phase. Available in conventional versions, some ingredients are also available in organic versions (Cosmos certified).

Floral waters

Floral waters can replace up to 100% of the water
present in all types of cosmetic formulations. They make it possible to add properties based on bibliographic data to the products thus formulated. Available in conventional versions, some floral waters are also available in organic versions (Cosmos certified).

BERKEM’s offering in agri-food

In the agri-food sector, BERKEM supplies plant extracts, resulting from the extraction of active ingredients, intended for formulation. The offer mainly consists in providing custom development services for the food and agri-food industries in natural extracts, flavours and oenologicals. In addition to custom work, Berkem offers a maritime pine bark extract under the name Pinéol® and a grape seed extract, Premium Grape OPC, available on the nutraceutical market for the food industry.


Extrait de pépins de raisin - Berkem