LIXOL activity

LIXOL, which specialises in the manufacture of alkyd resins, was acquired by Groupe Berkem in 2017. Strengthening its strategy to expand its presence in niche markets, the Group has thus complemented its industrial offering with a new speciality in the chemical industry. LIXOL’s production infrastructure makes it possible to supply (mainly in France, the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa) products in various forms: solvent-free resins (high dry extract range) and resins in solutions using various solvents (white spirit, xylene, etc.).

LIXOL produces and markets alkyd resins made from vegetable oils for the industrial, wood and construction markets

Maison en bois - Lixol

An eco-responsible and sustainable development approach

For several years, the LIXOL’s research and development laboratory has been working on producing a range of resins from raw materials of bio-based and renewable origin, which can replace raw materials of petrochemical origin. This eco-responsible approach is reflected in LIXOL’s choice to work closely with raw material suppliers who share its vision, reflected in the application of the “mass balance” principle.


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