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Redeployment of the industrial site in the Aquitaine region (France)

The Berkem Group pursues its industrialization plan by redeveloping its industrial activities on two distinct production sites. 

In order to allow its know-hows to express their full capacities in terms of innovation and production and thus, increase its competitiveness, the Berkem Group has chosen to split its current industrial site, located in Gardonne, into two distinct sites. It targets, for these production sites, the access to new tools and technologies, thus positioning them as future platforms of excellence for each of its businesses, with an all-out orientation in favor of green chemistry.

The strategic development plan of the Berkem Group includes, for its production tools, operations of modernization to answer in particular a strong and increasing demand on the market of vegetal actives.

Since more than 2 years, the industrial site in Gardonne for the "plant extraction" part has been running 24/7, in order to fulfill its order book in satisfactory lead times.

Today, maintaining this responsiveness, gained thanks to good resource management and supply chain mastering, is a stated intention of the Berkem Group. For this purpose, a redevelopment plan of the site is conducted with the aim to convert the site into a center of excellence in terms of plant extraction.

In parallel, the "Formulation" activity of the Berkem Group, known as the "Sarpap" historical entity, works on the successful transition of wood treatment formulations towards solutions having a reduced impact of its users and the environment. It is a question to associate vegetal chemistry to synthetic chemistry, in order to significantly reduce (50%) the doses of active substances, for an efficacy at least equivalent on timber materials.

In order to reach this, the "Formulation" activity has to have a performant industrial tool, adapted to new developments.

The choice to stay in the Aquitaine region

"It will be Blanquefort", the news was handed out early January to coworkers of the Berkem Group by Olivier Fahy, CEO. The separation of the industrial activities had already started in December. Several industrial sites in a takeover situation were envisaged. It is finally the Blanquefort site that was chosen.

It has several assets. All the facilities are ready to welcome the "Formulation" activity (laboratories, offices) with, in addition, necessary space for the installation of a technical platform, in order to support product developments on their markets, allowing to test and validate their integration in customer industrial processes.

Its geographical situation on the outskirts of Bordeaux makes it more accessible.

Moreover, part of its industrial production tools are compatible with the "Plant extraction" activity, thus participating in the technical reinforcement of the Gardonne production site, and to the reconversion of the actual tools of the Blanquefort site.

Already, the Technical Team of the Berkem Group works at preparing these industrial redeployments, which will be profitable to both industrial sites of the company.

This project should sprawl over 30 to 36 months.

It is to be highlighted that the purchase operation of the LABSO site located in Blanquefort was made possible thanks to financing from the Crédit Coopératif, in the context of privileged agreements with the Union des Industries de la Chimie (French Chemical Industry Syndicate).

Equally, the Berkem Group was supported by the Conseil Regional d'Aquitaine (Regional Council of Aquitaine) in order to for it to keep its industrial activities in the region and thus to be able to integrate the large program of the "factories of the future" in Aquitaine.

In the end, Madame the Mayor of Blanquefort, at the occasion of a meeting at the Town Hall under her presidency, accompanied by the Directors of Bordeaux Métropole, completely convinced Olivier FAHY to install the Formulation activities, close to the Bodeaux Technowest Technopolis, based on the site of the Ecoparc of Blanquefort.