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Heading for the ISO 26 000

Following the receipt of the CAP 26 000 certificate and the corresponding summary report, issued by the certifying body, the Berkem Group is now officially engaged in the ISO 26 000 procedure. Among other things, this report will lay down the basis on which the Berkem Group is going to work to initiate a progressionin terms of corporate responsibility.
This report was written after an evaluation of the corporate responsibility and the maturity of the Group, in terms of sustainable development. It was held in December in Gardonne.
Several meetings have been planned according to ISO 26 000 guidelines. Working groups, made of employees from the subsidiaries of the Berkem Group: Sarpap & Cecil Industries, S&C Construction and Berkem Extraction, as well as external stakeholders, have debated around the following themes:
- Governance
- Human rights
- Relations and working conditions
- Environment
- Fair practices
- Customer issues
- Community and local development

Let us recall that for the Berkem Group the aim of this sustainable development policy is to:
- Promote social dialog and stakeholders' confidence,
- Meet the requirements of stakeholders, and especially of customers,
- Bring a new dynamic based on economic, social and environmental issues.