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Permanent improvements to the industrial site


Presentation of activities

The first business activity, which is led by Berkem, is specialised in plant extraction. It targets the high addedvalue markets of the cosmetics and food industries, which itsupplies in natural active ingredients and plant extracts for use in formulation.

The second division, represented by Eurolyo, offers its services in the freeze-drying of raw materials and finished products.

The third, Adkalis, produces, supplies and distributes solutions that add value to building materials, wood in particular, by improving their performances. These product lines are destined for more technical markets: wood processing markets (saw-mills, carpenters, joiners, panel manufacturers, fitters, etc.) and the building industry (construction and maintenance-renovation). 

The fourth pole, Lixol, is specialized in the manufacturing of industrial resins for the paint, construction, timber treatment and ink industries.



The parent company, the Groupe Berkem, manages 4 subsidiaries: Berkem, Adkalis, Lixol, Eurolyo. The subsidiaries are organised around their own laboratory, their Regulatory department, production and/or storage unit, maintenance, Quality, Marketing, Technical, Recommendation departments and their own sales team.

The other integrated departments (purchasing, IT, Accounts - Management) are shared by the companies and regrouped within the parent company.


Sales networks 

The sales networks are principally B2B, providing for a professional customer base. They are widely international, the share of turnover in Exports for both activities being 42% (outside mainland France).