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SARPAP, helping materials increase their durability

Market focus

The products in the Sarpap line cover the maintenance - refurbishment market. They especially address multi-specialist trades and experienced DIY enthusiasts. 


SARPAP is the line of solutions for maintaining and refurbishing so-called hard products (tiling, tiles, brick, etc.) with additional products for wood materials.

It is sold via the distribution networks specialized in DIY:
- either through Building materials merchants, specialised circuits for construction professionals, - or through DIY superstores, which target the highest numbers, including experienced DIY enthusiasts.

The solutions, mostly composed of water based formulations, are sold in small to medium sized packaging (0.5L to 20L).

Their combined use makes it possible to provide sustainable care of materials.

This trilogy is the recipe to restore the properties of each target material, whether in terms of appearance, resistance to water, to oil, to moss, lichen or other biological agents including termites.

Strategy - Orientation


The accent is on the formulation of an essentially water-based line of products. The challenge is to offer quality, reliable products that are compatible with the different surfaces both in terms of penetration, adherence or aspect, that are easy to apply and have no effect on health or the environment.


The reworking of the SARPAP line coincides with the widening of the sales network.
Further, a specific SARPAP product line for hard coverings (tiling, slabs) is sold directly via a Warehouse network.
The development of new sales channels is currently being examined.

Quality - Production

The impact on the environment and health (air quality, new alternatives to traditional active ingredients,..) of these formulae is a stake that is part of the specifications of products being developed.

Highlights of the year

  • New referencing for the SARPAP range with the leading French central buying office on the materials market, the CMEM.
  • A new metal advertising display in the self-service aisles at retailers.