• Before construction – Protect wood for construction
  • From the foundations – Protect new buildings against termites
  • After construction – Maintain, protect and beautify wood and mineral material

Thanks to expert product ranges in protection, decoration, care of wood and mineral materials, our subsidiaries ADKALIS and LIXOL offer to Groupe Berkem a prime position in the Construction and Materials market :

Our solutions for construction and materials

Before construction : protect wood for construction

  • The AXIL® brand from ADKALIS offers a range of preventive solutions for the preservation of wood and its derivatives intended for the wood industry. The application of AXIL® products on wood and wood products increases the performance of wood species. In particular, it increases their resistance to major wood degradation factors :
    • Biological agents: xylophagous larvae insects (capricorn beetles, lyctus, woodworms, etc.), termites and fungi.
    • External elements: fire, UV rays and humidity.

Bio-based protection solutions

In harmony with Groupe Berkem’s objective to reduce the impact of its activity on people and the environment, ADKALIS is committed to developing its global supply with bio-based solutions. AXIL® insecticidal and fungicidal products are gradually evolving towards formulations based on raw materials derived from biomass. This plant-based approach to chemical manufacturing is a response to the predicted shortage of fossil raw materials, ensuring durability, performance and effectiveness of wood materials. By substituting fossil materials with plant-based resources, ADKALIS meets consumers’expectations and improves the environmental impact of its products.


From the foundations : protect new buildings against termites

  • TERMIFILM® and TERMIPROTECT® by ADKALIS, are surface coats that durably prevent new buildings from being infested by termites.

After construction : maintain, protect and beautify wood and mineral materials

  • ADKALIS and LIXOL have a wide range of solutions for preservation, renovation, protection and embellishment of wood and mineral materials :
      • XILIX® EXPERT offer, specialist of preservation, protection, and renovation of outdoor wood.
      • XILIX® products for mineral materials offer durable protection of roofing, facades and pavements to fight against the deterioration due to green deposits, algae, lichens and grease stains. ADKALIS also offers the historic SARPAP® brand for the cleaning, treatment and protection of tiles, paving and other mineral surfaces.
      • The XILIX® BLOCKAQUA range, a specialist in the protection of walls against capillary rise.
      • And LIXOL alkyd resins. For over 40 years, LIXOL resins have had the particularity of being formulated from a plant oil base. Soya, flax, China wood and castor are the historical bio-based raw materials of their composition. To continue further in the integration of plants into Groupe Berkem’s traditional chemistry, the LIXOL R&D laboratory developped a resin made from bio-based and renewable raw materials, which can replace petrochemical raw materials.
        Presented under the tradename NATURAGLYP®, this bio-based resin is designed for the formulation of decorative paints with high dry matter and low environmental impact. It offers the same performance as a conventional product: hardness over time, good drying performance and resistance to ageing. It is specifically designed for the building paint market.
  • SYNERKEM® is a technology developed by Berkem Biosolutions, a department of Groupe Berkem. Its objective is to elaborate innovative plant-based solutions by significantly reducing the content of active substances in chemical formulas while maintaining the effectiveness of the product. This technology can be applied to many sectors, in particular insulation, which is an essential stage in the construction of a building.

Through its various fields of application and its know-how, Groupe Berkem delivers professional, responsible, and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges and requirements of the health, beauty and nutrition sector. Our R&D teams work on all of these topics in order to identify future development opportunities across all of these sectors.

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