Our existing solutions for Health, Beauty & Nutrition

  • BERKEM, a Groupe Berkem subsidiary, specialises in plant extraction. It manufactures natural active ingredients intended for the cosmetics and agri-food markets. The active ingredients, plant extracts and floral waters are developed from plant-based ingredients that have been carefully selected for their benefits and their active molecule composition. Thus, a wide range of active ingredients is offered to manufacturers for cosmetic formulation. In addition, the properties of plant extracts are perfectly suited to the nutraceutical sector, particularly for the design of food supplements.


  • EUROLYO, a Groupe Berkem subsidiary, specialises in customised freeze-drying. This drying technique, consisting in removing the water from the organic compound by freezing, preserves all its properties by significantly reducing its water composition. This process is a real asset for:
    • The cosmetics sector because it preserves the natural quality of the ingredients while providing them with a better preservation.
    • The agri-food sector because it improves the preservation of these products, while maintaining their nutritional and taste qualities. Eurolyo is able to freeze-dry a large number of food products, including ready-made meals, fruits, vegetables, truffles, mushrooms, caviar, etc.
    • The food supplements sector. EUROLYO is able to freeze-dry several types of food supplements such as probiotics, active ingredients, marine plants and natural enzymes.

EUROLYO is also able to support the pharmaceutical sector, in particular by preserving diagnostic reagents through freeze-drying (in-vitro tests, diagnostic tests for agronomy and serums).

Through its various fields of application and its know-how, Groupe Berkem delivers professional, responsible, and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges and requirements of the health, beauty and nutrition sector. Our R&D teams work on all of these topics in order to identify future development opportunities across all of these sectors.

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