Our existing solutions for hygiene and protection

  • XILIX® is a range that ensures protection of buildings after their construction. Thanks to the various curative and/or preventive treatments suggested for wooden materials, the products help to fight against insects with xylophagous larvae, termites and fungi.
  • Developed by Groupe Berkem, SYNERKEM technology significantly reduces the content of active substances in chemical formulas while preserving product effectiveness. SYNERKEM’s preferred fields of application are various :
    • 3D protection is a rapidly changing sector, particularly due to the evolution of regulations that require professionals to use techniques and products that are as environmentally friendly as possible.
    • Public, rural and occupational hygiene is a sector that struggles daily against the factors that cause human diseases to emerge and spread, and is also faced with strict regulations that encourage the search for less toxic solutions.
    • Agriculture is a sector that is particularly affected by pest and fungal attacks. Solutions have been developed to protect crops before and after planting (pre-harvest and post-harvest) in order to protect seeds while respecting the regulations that encourage a more responsible use of biocides. Thus, by reducing active substance content in plant protection products, professionals will be able to meet the environmental challenges set by the regulations, while preserving the effectiveness of their products.
    • The textile sector is required to apply biocidal products to fibres to combat harmful organisms such as bacteria, moulds and insects. Strongly criticised for the pollution it generates, the textile sector is particularly concerned about using SYNERKEM technology, which gives products the same efficacy while reducing their toxicity.

Faced with the many challenges of the hygiene and protection market, Groupe Berkem makes its know-how available by developing professional, responsible and sustainable solutions. Our R&D teams work on all of these topics in order to identify future development opportunities across all of these sectors.

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