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TERMIFILM, anti-termite protection to build on a lasting base



logo termifilm miniTERMIFILM is the range of products that provides long term protection for new builds from external aggression.
It is placed at the interface between the ground and the building, the products give the buildings anti termite.
It is through its innovating and patented manufacturing process, resulting from the grafting of active ingredients into polyane without any risk washing out, and therefore without any risk to the environment, that TERMIFILM has made its name and has become the unavoidable system for this market. 

Strategy - Orientation


The creation of innovating physical-chemical solutions by conferring new properties to film for better building protection continues. 


The widening of the network of users of the line resulting from the development of new products, combined with increased product physical-chemical properties are major themes.
Simultaneously, and in direct relation to Termite regulations, the setting up and organisation of Specification department to give recommandations is a necessary lever to provide qualified information to deciders and buyers. 


The TERMIFILM line is a technical line that requires technical knowledge of building principles. The sale of the product is related to many departments with the objective of facilitating, optimising and guaranteeing its installation: videos, accompaniment on drawings and sites, training, etc. 

Highlights of the year

  • Participation at several trade regional fairs for materials distributors throughout France 
  • Technical notice received from the CSTB for the TERMIFILM range, completing an already long list of certifications attesting to its performance and adaptability to different construction systems