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Our capacity to adapt, a strength to be cultivated

Jean-Louis Peron

peron miniOur products address markets with a high growth potential: the demand for natural ingredients is increasing significantly. Through the quality of its industrial tool, its expertise and notoriety, Berkem Group’s extraction department is increasingly called upon to supply plant extracts and know-how.

This demand led us to review the organisation of our production by switching to 5/8 shifts in production, thus creating 2 extra shifts. This corresponds to recruiting 10 people. The site now runs 24*7 except during the summer holidays and at Christmas.

Simultaneously, and still to increase our reactivity, we are bringing in more technology by modernising our industrial tool. For example, we are currently testing a thermo-fluid heating and cooling technique.

More transversely, we are installing more automation, higher capacity tools, and are working on optimising output and process on a daily basis. Today our pilot Building B71 makes it possible for us to have an attractive showcase which comforts our customers in their choice of a partner for their extraction or extraction supply projects.”