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Testimonial Berkem Extraction Cosmetic

Our desire: get closer to our customers 

Wilfried WIEGERT

wickert miniHaving been focused on the international market for many years, our activities have allowed us to develop a significant amount of business with customers in the United States. More recently, our desire to invest our resources and expertise in the cosmetics ingredients market posed essential questions about our presence in key areas for development.
Today, the American market federates a large number of the sector's major industrials and also represents a specific model for innovation. We can't miss out! And this market requires our constant presence if we want to take on a key role. The recent opening of our sales office close to New York is part of this development project. Thanks to this
tool today we are meeting with the largest industrial cosmetics companies and are learning to master their rules and adapt our solutions to their operating methods. Development projects for specific products to this market are also ongoing.