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XILIX, protection and treatment solutions for wood already in use

Market focus

The professional users (Applicators) of the XILIX range work on framework restoration and renovation projects, in particular. 


XILIX gives wood new high-performance properties:

  • fire resistance,
  • resistance to organic agents (insects with wood-boring larvae and termites, fungi, etc.).

These treatments come in different forms: micro-emulsions (mainly water-based liquid preparations) and gels. They can be sprayed and/or injected. 


Strategy - Orientation


A field experiencing regulatory change, the aim is to optimise the "active ingredient to effectiveness " ratio for these types of product. To this end, developments endeavour to create new synergies between new components and active substances to reduce the ratio of the latter while remaining capable of providing the same performance; the XILIX gel formulations are a convincing example.


The recent organisation of the Berkem Group into companies led to the restructuring of sales teams and their missions. The S&C Construction offer is promoted by a team of Business Managers who canvas in particular Construction project managers and heritage site restoration missions. For their projects they rely on a network of approved S&C Applicators and are supported upstream by the specifying department, a necessary lever for the transmission of qualified information to decision-makers. 


Production is permanently endeavouring to optimise preparations and costs. For example, it implemented a new industrial tool for gel production.
At the same time it is actively working on the implementation of tools to improve resource management in collaboration with Procurement.
All these production processes, from product design to their placing on the market, are managed using Quality procedures (ISO 9001). 

Highlights of the year

  • Launch of XILIX 2000 MER with Pest Control Operator customers. This new formula that is even more effective already has Pest Control Operator's singing its praises, as dry rot is a problem that is increasingly present. 
  • The RF innovation (fire retardant) present in the XILIX range is bearing fruit. Growth is encouraging. 
  • PARASITEC, the Pest Control Operator trade fair, hosted a dense and busy exhibition with in particular a record number of international visitors to the S&C Construction booth.