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The mindset of Berkem Group's staff is a precious resource to go forward


Human resources

Everyday, more than 230 men and women work hard to move the Berkem Group forward, helping it acquire new dimensions.
In France, Belgium and Spain, they boast extensive skills deployed in a large number of businesses: R&D, Production, Management, Procurement, Regulatory, Quality, Maintenance, IT, Communication, Marketing, Trade.


Business tools

ressources groupeThe industrial sites

The industrial site in Gardonne has the capacity to produce preparations in different forms (powder, paste and liquid) and works in collaboration with its partners on solid forms. 
The two activities employ 50 people daily to process an average of 700 t of plants and produce 3000 t of liquid concentrates. Its production zone covers 50,000 m² on the industrial site, split into 8 buildings.
It is equipped with reactors varying from 100 L (pilot) to 9,000 L, driers, evaporators, atomisers, sedimentation tanks, ovens, purifying columns, stirrers, powder mixers, in-line dissolvers and a packing unit from 0.5 L to 1,000 L. The site has a 4,200m² storage area.
To optimise its needs, its stock and its tools, it is supported by CPMA (Computer Aided Production Management) and CAMM (Computer Aided Maintenance Management).
The Blanquefort site

The Groupe Berkem headquarters are located in Blanquefort (Bordeaux region - France). This site houses the Groupe Berkem administrative, financial and support departments, the T&G France head office and the Adkalis sales teams.

The La Teste-de-Buch site
Lixol’s industrial site, located in La Teste-de-Buch (Bordeaux region - France), is where the alkyd resins are produced.

The Chartres site
The Eurolyo freeze drying site is located in Chartres, in the heart of the “Cosmetics Valley”. It runs 24/7.


Agence TG Distribution-150x150The T&G Distribution agencies

The T&G Distribution agencies specialise in the distribution of wood preservatives, small equipment for turning wood into materials for construction or interior fittings, and products for wood maintenance/renovation.
They are established in sectors that have been identified for their appeal in terms of market potential, covering a catchment area of around 30,000 km².
Each of these agencies has a team comprising around a dozen staff with premises of around 1,000 m² divided into storage and office space, a spraying area and a laboratory for colouring.

They also have, on site, all the equipment necessary for transporting goods. Delivery is included, using a utility vehicle or subcontracted out, if the shipment is of a large volume.

Finally, the integrated management system is used by all agencies.