Ethical, high-quality sourcing at the heart of Groupe Berkem’s offering

The sourcing policy is one of Groupe Berkem’s long-standing areas of expertise, and it has developed human, technological and technical resources to guarantee the excellent quality of these raw materials. To achieve greater independence, the Groupe Berkem is committed to finding and securing its supply sources, maintaining its production capacity and serving its clients with reliable plant-based solutions.

To meet market needs, the Groupe Berkem is committed to a socially responsible approach, promoting sustainable partnerships with plant producers and undertaking to:

  • Gaining greater independence in plant sourcing by favouring direct sourcing from growers and maintaining production volumes
  • Encouraging short supply chains to reduce the ecological impact of producing and transporting living, seasonal products, in a bid to preserve their quality
  • Supporting producers by creating long-term partnerships that guarantee stability and visibility for fairer trade
  • Respecting the properties of plants by rapidly transforming them in its production chain, whether for blending and extraction or freeze-drying, services which are fully integrated into the Groupe Berkem’s offering
  • Enhancing the value of plants by encouraging upcycling, wherever possible, and by endeavouring to use all parts of plants to extract the best from them
  • Constantly improving its formulations by seeking out new active molecules of interest in plants as part of an innovative Research & Development approach, and to be a source of proposals for manufacturers

Transparent sourcing for each market

Groupe Berkem uses different parts of plants which are carefully selected for the active molecules they contain. After being harvested and processed, they are dried to preserve them longer and make them easier to transport. Plant cultivation scrupulously respects the seasonal nature of each part of the plant, as well as its production time.

Sourcing for Construction & Materials

Thanks to its expertise in formulation, its mastery of regulatory aspects and constant drive for innovation, Groupe Berkem also designs solutions tailored to markets linked to the Construction & Materials business area. Wood protection products and paint resins are formulated from bark and seed oils. The sourcing of these plants plays a crucial role in the quality and performance of our products.

Pôle Construction & Matériaux

Sourcing for Health, Beauty & Nutrition

To meet the needs of the Health, Beauty & Nutrition business area, Groupe Berkem offers its expertise in plant extraction and develops bio-based ingredients for cosmetics and nutraceutical products. To guarantee the quality of its powder extracts, active ingredients and floral waters, plant sourcing is carefully monitored. The flowers, seeds, leaves, roots and bark used comply with specifications and quality standards that guarantee the transparency and traceability of the raw materials.

When it comes to nutrition and textured proteins, Biopress uses organic soya beans grown in south-west France. These raw materials, sourced from local farms, come from short circuits.

Pôle Santé, Beauté & Nutrition

Sourcing for Hygiene & Protection

To meet the challenges of the Hygiene & Protection business area, Groupe Berkem designs solutions specifically adapted to disinfection, wood preservation and protection activities in the agricultural sector. The aim of the offer is to protect people, places, materials and food against pests and fungi, while reducing the environmental impact of products. SYNERKEM ® technology, developed from roots, flowers and leaves, enables plants to over-activate active substances. It can be used to provide specific properties that are effective against biological agents, while reducing the environmental impact of formulations. Groupe Berkem is also able to supply formulators with ingredients that benefit from transparent sourcing, guaranteeing excellent quality raw materials.

Pôle Hygiène & Protection

Sourcing for Industry

To meet the needs of industrial markets, Groupe Berkem has created specifically adapted solutions, such as the synthesis of alkyd resins for the printing ink market. Vegetable oils, essential components in the formulation of these resins, require clean, transparent and local sourcing to protect them from international fluctuations. The raw materials used, such as seed, linseed, sunflower, Chinese wood and oilseed oils, are methodically selected to guarantee their supply and quality within the formulations.

Pôle Industrie