Solutions tailored to each market

Manufacturers have high expectations for green solutions. Groupe Berkem is constantly monitoring this trend and knows that the synergies between its areas of application and its expertise meet the precise needs of each market (regulations, challenges, expectations, constraints, etc.). By focusing its product solutions, technologies, services and expertise around its markets, the Group has organised itself into four high-potential areas:

  • Construction & Materials: protecting wood and mineral materials at every stage in the life of buildings and construction materials.
  • Hygiene & Protection: protection of people, foodstuffs and products against pests and fungal damage.
  • Health, Beauty & Nutrition: development of active ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and agri-food.
  • Industry: synthesis of resins and development of solutions, in particular for the industrial paints market, printing inks and bituminous paving

Controlled and transparent sourcing

The transition acceleration to plant-based chemistry is driving Groupe Berkem towards embracing a new approach to sourcing. Local, sensible, short-circuits, upcycling… the selection standards of the vegetable raw materials differ from the traditional supplies. To become more efficient and remain consistent with its eco-responsible approach, the Groupe Berkem is developing its Purchasing department by setting up specialised channels with the help of employees with targeted skills.

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