A state-of-the-art industrial tool to ensure optimum yields

Groupe Berkem works in synergy, enabling it to pool and cross-fertilise the different industrial skills and expertise of the company’s various businesses. Its aim is to achieve economies of scale while developing creativity, and synergies are a key driver of innovation.

In addition to these economic advantages, working in synergy and internally is of strategic interest. This avoids the need to use “pre-formulated” products, for example by working only with pure biocides, so as to produce molecules of the highest technical quality and active ingredients (a position that gives Groupe Berkem a comparative advantage). Finally, from an ethical point of view, this integration of processes and stakeholders guarantees compliance with confidentiality agreements signed with clients.

Major investments in capacity and modernisation at the various industrial sites are regularly carried out to guarantee sufficient production capacity

1 Group, 4 industrial sites

  • Gardonne (Dordogne): Plant extraction and chemical formulation
  • La Teste-de-Buch (Gironde): Synthesis of alkyd resins
  • Tonneins (Lot-et-Garonne): Production of edible vegetable oils and techniques and manufacture of organic vegetable proteins
  • Chartres (Eure-et-Loir): Freeze-drying

Gardonne (Nouvelle Aquitaine region)

Plant Extraction and Formulation
Area: 50,000 m2 of which 5,000 m2 covered
Work performed:

  • Grinding, maceration, concentration, separation by decanter centrifuge
  • Extraction using all solvents, purification and concentration, decanting, centrifugation, precipitation, distillation, crystallisation, thermisation
  • Drying and atomisation, powder mixing
  • Fine chemicals, esterification, hemisynthesis, vectorisation, encapsulation
  • Acid and enzyme hydrolysis, active ingredients characterisation, micro- and nano-emulsions

Chartres (Centre – Val de Loire)

Plant extraction
Area : 1,700 m2 with 130 m2 of treatment areas
Work performed: freeze-drying

La-Teste-de-Buch (Nouvelle-Aquitaine region)

Area : 6,200 m2 of wich 1,800 m2 couvered
Work performed: Polyesthérification


Tonneins (Lot-et-Garonne region)

Production of organic textured oils and proteins
Area : 12,800 m2 couvered, 1,500m2 dedicated to pressing to obtain oils and texturise proteins, 10,000 m2 dedicated to the packaging and storage of oils and proteins
Work performed:

  • Extraction of soya, sunflower and rapeseed oils
  • Grinding and particle size classification of textured proteins
  • Protein texturising
  • Granulation of oil cakes
  • Extraction of soya lecithin
  • Packaging textured oils and proteins

Industrial tool dedicated to plant extraction and freeze-drying

This tool is characterised by its great adaptability and its ability to carry out contract work, a tailor-made approach that sets Groupe Berkem apart in its various activities. As a result, the Group is able to adapt to all market volumes, from pilot to industrial scale.

At the Gardonne site, production dedicated to plant extraction is divided between the different categories of formulated products:

  • Annual production of 100 tonnes of floral waters
  • Production capacity of 50 tonnes a year for dry extracts for nutraceuticals
  • Annual production of 30 tonnes of dry extracts for the cosmetics market

At the Chartres site, Groupe Berkem has 12 freeze dryers with capacities ranging from 12.5 kg to 200 kg as well as a sifter and grinders. In addition, working in a clean room means that specific processes can be carried out with a very high level of safety in terms of product purity, quality preservation and stabilisation.

Industrial tools dedicated to formulation

The Group’s industrial tool includes mixers for making gels (high-shear mixers) and micro-emulsions.

The products formulated by Groupe Berkem for the improvement and performance of materials represent around 4,800 tonnes per year and are used to supply the various types of clients in the Construction & Materials, and Hygiene and Protection business areas.


The industrial tool dedicated to resin synthesis

The Group has a site specialising in the production of alkyd resins at La Teste-de-Buch. With its fusion and azeotropic reactors, Groupe Berkem offers a complete range of resins for all types of applications: Classic Alkyds, High Dry Extract Alkyds, Urethane Alkyds, Thixotropic Alkyds, Phenolic Alkyds, Waterborne Alkyds, Epoxy Ester or Limed Oil.

Thanks to the acquisition of Biopress, Groupe Berkem has added to its value chain the sourcing of a raw material that is essential to its plant-based chemistry integration business. The Group now benefits from local sourcing of technical vegetable oils, giving it greater autonomy and traceability of raw materials.


Site de production résines alkydes

Industrial tool dedicated to extrusion

The industrial tool dedicated to extrusion can be used to produce organic oils and textured proteins. All stages of production are carried out at the Tonneins site using a wide range of technical equipment:

  • Automatic packaging line for oils from 0,25 cl to 0,75 cl
  • Cake granulation line
  • Grinding line and particle size classification of textured proteins
  • Packaging line for textured proteins in cartons from 3 kg to 10 kg
  • Rapeseed oil extraction line
  • Sunflower oil extraction line
  • Soya bean oil extraction line
  • Protein texturising line
  • Soya lecithin extraction line with separator and concentrator.

The acquisition of Biopress will therefore enable Groupe Berkem to strengthen its offering by developing new solutions for its Health, Beauty & Nutrition and Industry business areas.

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