Gender professional equality index between women and men

In accordance with the so-called “professional future” law promulgated on 5 September 2018, each company must publish a gender equality index that measures the company’s situation on 4 indicators and for a total number of 100 points.

The 4 indicators are :

  • Average pay gap
  • Pay increase gap
  • Increase in the number of employees returning from maternity leave
  • Breakdown of the 10 highest earners by gender

The result of the Gender Equality Index obtained for its plant extraction activity, for the reference year 2023, is impossible to determine because some of the indicators are not adapted to our workforce. We are therefore unable to obtain an index that can be calculated in accordance with the regulations.

Groupe Berkem, a very good student in CSR

For the year 2020, Groupe Berkem has an overall score of 73/100. This score corresponds to an “Advanced” performance level on the EthiFinance rating scale, i.e. a higher level of ESG maturity than that observed in comparable companies (in terms of workforce and sector of activity).

Groupe Berkem in CSR actions

As part of its commitment to CSR, Groupe Berkem is undertaking a number of actions. Here are some examples related to social, economic and external stakeholders (clients, suppliers, neighbourhood…).


  • Implementation of technical solutions that favour the environment, the neighbourhood and health: installation of noise reduction panels, condensers that limit VOC dispersion 2, gas scrubbers 3, replacement of the boiler burner with a new generation energy-saving burner, valve insulation campaigns.
  • Limitation of transport-related environmental impact: full truck loads, stackable packaging, concentrated solutions.
  • Reduction of environmental impact from business travel: remote meetings by videoconference, purchase of two electric cars.
  • Actions to reduce the quantity of consumables – excluding energy (paper, water, etc.): digitisation of administrative processes (zero paper target), staff awareness.
  • Systems to treat, recycle or reuse water: on-site water treatment plant, process optimisation to save raw material water (concentrated formulations), ongoing studies on rainwater recycling.
  • Annual measurements and assessments of VOC emissions.
  • Action plan to reduce the amount of waste, to sort, to improve the recovery of waste.
  • Development of products to limit the use of hazardous materials (innovative plant-based solutions).


  • Humanitarian donations and contributions to local and national associations.
  • Sponsorships and patronage.
  • Welcoming trainees of all levels of training.
  • CAT, Les Jardins de Casimir for green spaces…
  • Encouragement of solidarity leave 1.
  • Skills development: training plan for each Groupe Berkem employee.
  • Conducting employee surveys on various topics.
  • Establishment of adapted working conditions in case of exceptional family or health situations.


  • Participation in working groups or professional bodies/unions (Qualibat 4, AFISE 5 AFNOR 6, France Chimie…).
  • Privileged relationships with local suppliers: plant extraction projects in partnership with regional farmers.
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Accompanying clients in their regulatory procedures.