ADKALIS activity

The solutions manufactured by ADKALIS are applied to wood materials and its derivatives at all stages of the wood industry (exterior and interior) and throughout the life of the constructions: fresh sawn timber, logs, construction timber, carpentry, joinery, etc. Solutions also apply to other hard building materials: roofing, tiling, facades and exterior walls, masonry, paving, etc.

The solutions manufactured by ADKALIS are applied to wood materials and its derivatives at all stages of the wood industry

Ranges and solutions of ADKALIS

The AXIL® brand offers products for the wood industry: sawyers, carpenters, woodworkers, manufacturers of wood panels, pallets or wood construction, wood traders, etc. This range proposes preventive solutions for the preservation of wood and wood products.

The XILIX® brand is intended for professionals in the construction and maintenance-renovation sectors: craftsmen, masons, wood and hard material protection applicators. It offer curative and/or preventive solutions for wood used in homes and hard materials (roofing, facades, masonry, etc.
In addition, XILIX® EXPERT has been developed: this is the first national network of professionals specialising in the renovation and maintenance of exterior wood coverings.

The TERMIFILM® and TERMIPROTECT® brands are intended for construction professionals: craftsmen, masons.
They offer products designed to protect new buildings against termites.

The Sarpap® brand is intended for construction and maintenance-renovation professionals (craftsmen, wood and hard material protection applicators) as well as for private individuals.It provides a range of cleaning, treatment and protection products and specifically targets problems caused by the development of algae, lichens, water infiltration, efflorescence and various types of pollution (animal and atmospheric).

ADKALIS’ bio-based solutions

Born from a long tradition of providing solutions for material protection, ADKALIS relies on bio-based solutions formulated with raw materials derived from biomass to prepare for the expected shortage of fossil raw materials and to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Today, ADKALIS is committed to developing its global offering of wood protection solutions formulated from raw materials derived from biomass. This new generation of solutions is formulated in order to :

• Ensure the durability, performance and effectiveness of wood products.

• Favour raw materials from biomass to avoid drawing on non-renewable fossil resources.

• Engage in an active sustainable development approach, in line with the preservation of biodiversity and the planet’s resources.