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BSB Innovation Award and Berkemyol potentilla

BERKEM was awarded with its anti-aging Berkemyol® potentilla active ingredient during the BSB Innovation Awards ceremony that took place during this year In-cosmetics in Paris.
Berkem, thanks to its anti-aging Berkemyol® potentilla active ingredient, took third place in the category « Natural products – most innovative raw material ». 
Obtained by a patented technology, Berkemyol® potentilla is a highly purified active ingredient extracted from potentilla rhizomes, rich in stabilized polyphenols. With anti-aging and antioxidant properties, it also has anti-glycation activity clinically proven. 
The independent jury, consisted of Dr. Rainer Wohlfart (Kneipp), Ms. Barbara Bücherl (Börlind) and Dr. Christiane Hanay (Similasan), has been seduced by the various benefits bringing by the active ingredient. 
In 2015, Berkem already won the Advanced Ingredient Award for its Berkemyol® potentilla ingredient.
Photos of the award ceremony evening at prize/2016