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Testimonial Presentation Groupe Berkem

Reactivity, innovation and diversity, the Groupe Berkem wants to be a leader on its markets

Olivier Fahy

FAHY-Olivier-lightSince 2011, 8 patents have been registered. Every year 15 new products are put on the market. These, innovating, quality and high performing solutions bring modernity and innovation to their markets.

Innovation does not stop there for the Berkem Group. Innovating is also striving to develop new information, organisation and service models in order to combine technology, product, market knowledge and information systems relevantly and effectively.

Reactivity is to be added to these technological and organisational strengths. All Group Berkem staff are mobilised to this end. Its structural dimension, its industrial tools, its management methods and its perfect mastery of its development , production and sales chains are major strengths in supplying quick solutions for its target markets.