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The different sectors affected by plant-based chemistry


Thanks to the involvement of certain players in the chemical industry, such as the Groupe Berkem, the use of plant-based chemistry is becoming more widespread. Indeed, many sectors are now seeking to integrate plant-based chemistry into their products. This is largely due to the rise of green chemistry, which aims to reduce the environmental and health impacts of conventional chemistry.

Read on to discover some of the industries that have incorporated plant-based chemistry into their manufacturing processes.

The Construction & Materials sectors

Aware of the challenges facing the construction and materials sector, the Groupe Berkem now offers a wide range of solutions for each stage of the construction process.

For almost 60 years, the Groupe Berkem has been developing and offering solutions that enhance the value of materials, particularly for the protection and preservation of wood and its derivatives, by improving their performance. In this way, AXIL® insecticide and fungicide products have gradually evolved into biomass-based formulations.

By replacing fossil raw materials with vegetable resources, the Groupe Berkem is now responding to consumer expectations by improving the environmental impact of its products, while supporting its industrial clients in their environmental transition.

Similarly, for the composition of LIXOL alkyd resins, the Groupe Berkem presents a formula based on vegetable oil (soya, linseed, Chinese wood, castor). To go even further, its R&D laboratory has developed NATURAGLYP 100S  a resin made from biosourced and renewable raw materials, capable of replacing those of petrochemical origin.

The Hygiene & Protection sectors

Like the construction sector, the hygiene and protection market faces environmental, health and demographic challenges. In order to provide optimal and sustainable protection for people and food, the Groupe Berkem is actively involved in the formulation of bio-based solutions capable of combating pests and spoilage, such as fungi.

The Groupe Berkem’s SYNERKEM® technology allows the development of plant-based superactivators, which reduce the amount of conventional active substances while preserving the effectiveness of the product. For example, certain anti-termite products, in which the Groupe Berkem is a specialist, take advantage of this technology to reduce biocides by combining them with active plant ingredients that boost their performance.

The Public Hygiene, Insulation & Textile sectors

For several years now, the public hygiene, insulation and textile sectors have been facing increasingly complex challenges, especially from an ecological point of view.

At the same time, regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, prompting industries to seek innovative and environmentally responsible solutions.

With its expertise, the Groupe Berkem helps manufacturers in the public hygiene, insulation and textile sectors to meet environmental challenges, thanks to its SYNERKEM® technology. This technology reduces the amount of biocides or plant protection products in formulations while ensuring maximum efficiency, allowing manufacturers to accelerate their transition while meeting the needs of the sector.

Groupe Berkem, an innovative partner for manufacturers

The Groupe Berkem also develops specific solutions for different industrial markets using, for example, resins formulated from vegetable oils. The aim? To offer high value-added solutions.

The innovation of LIXOL, a subsidiary of the Groupe Berkem, is aimed at markets looking for technical performance and a commitment to sustainability. For this reason, LIXOL develops alkyd resins for printing inks. A complete range of vegetable oil based alkyd resins has been developed to improve the viscosity, wetting and drying time of letterpress inks.

The Health, Beauty & Nutrition sectors

Thanks to its expertise in plant extraction and active ingredient development, the Groupe Berkem is able to innovate and offer innovative solutions in the health, beauty and nutrition sector.

Specialist in plant extraction, designs and manufactures active ingredients of natural origin for the cosmetics and food industries. These active ingredients are developed from plants carefully selected for their virtues and their composition of active molecules.

With its know-how, the Groupe Berkem provides innovative, responsible and sustainable solutions to meet the needs and requirements of the health, beauty and nutrition sectors. Every day, the R&D teams work on development opportunities in these sectors, which are increasingly sensitive to environmental issues. The Sourcing teams are committed to developing supply chains for plant-based raw materials, based on local and natural agriculture, transport and storage that limit the environmental impact.

Groupe Berkem: integrating plant-based chemistry with conventional players in the chemical industry

Thanks to its experience, the Groupe Berkem is recognised by its clients in various sectors as an innovative partner in plant-based chemistry, accompanying them in their own transition.
Its expertise now covers the entire production chain of ingredients and components for manufacturers in these sectors:

  • Supply of chemicals and plants
  • Plant extraction
  • Manufacture of plant-based superactivators
  • Production of vegetable oil and protein
  • Chemical formulation
  • Resin synthesis
  • Lyophilization