Expert in the regulatory aspects

The markets in which Groupe Berkem’s subsidiaries operate are subject to strong regulatory pressure. Over the past fifteen years, in particular, regulations on the use of chemical substances in the European Union have been tightened for all market players. In order to guarantee its performance, the Group has set up a Regulatory system, which intervenes on three main areas :

• Legal and regulatory monitoring for all of Groupe Berkem’s business sectors.

• Commercial support by ensuring the submission of dossiers and the follow-up of authorisations required for the marketing of substances in Europe (REACH regulation) and for biocidal products (BPR regulation), but also increasingly on an international level.

• Proposal of product developments or new products to foresee changes in the regulatory framework of each current or future target market for Groupe Berkem.

Each year, approximately 40 product authorisation/certification/registration dossiers (new or renewed) are managed by the Regulatory Department.

A sustained research and development policy

The Group’s R&D teams include 15 employees with different profiles (technicians, engineers, doctors). This high competence level enables the Group to offer innovative solutions to meet the needs of its client and to
foresee market developments. R&D is essential for the future growth of Groupe Berkem :

• Creation of new ranges and evolution of existing products at client’s request.

• Development of tailor-made solutions for existing or potential clients

The research and development of bio-based solutions, considering human and environmental issues, is the common thread running through all Groupe Berkem’s subsidiaries and all the R&D laboratories work closely together to achieve this objective.

Creation of the BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS department

BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS department within Groupe Berkem dedicated to the development of innovative plant-based solutions.

Groupe Berkem occupies a privileged position as an accelerator of virtuous change. As an innovative player in the biocides sector (more than 55 years of experience for ADKALIS) and a specialist in advanced plant chemistry (BERKEM plant extraction), Groupe Berkem is now positioned to support the transition of traditional players in the biocides ecosystem (manufacturers, formulators, applicators in the construction, rural and public hygiene sectors, among others). It offers them the opportunity to work together on solutions based on its plant-based active ingredients in order to reduce the volumes and dosages of synthetic substances. This support is particularly based on the expertise in regulatory matters and the continuous monitoring carried out by the dedicated department within Groupe Berkem.

With this know-how in plant chemistry (industrial and regulatory
expertise, synergy between subsidiaries, certified sourcing and proven label),
Groupe Berkem has created BERKEM BIOSOLUTIONS, a new department, to:

• Build alliances to use our solutions for applications that improve the
performance of traditional biocides (including fungicides, virucides
and insecticides).

• Invest in the biocide user markets.

• By 2025-2040: develop 100% bio-based nanoemulsions and biocides.

Today, the non-agricultural pesticide market is largely dominated by “conventional” solutions. The objective is to propose solutions derived from know-how in plant extraction, renewable and locally produced, targeting as a priority the players in this non-agricultural pesticide market (and eventually the players in the agricultural pesticide market). For this first stage, the aim is to support the players in the biocides market in their transition from conventional to bio-based products in order to eventually be able to offer 100% plant-based solutions.

Berkem Biosolutions